Another Dumb Man?

Welcome to the world of Normal Males. This blog and associated products are aimed to reclaim manhood from the hooligans slothing through popular media, our families, and the schools that educate our boys.

Males are not supposed to be dumb, ignorant, emotionally inept, sexual predators, poor communicators, cheaters, beasts, grunters, or self assured ego maniacs. What we are supposed to be, if we are allowed, is emotionally flexible, responsible, kind-hearted humans that do care about others and themselves. Too often when we turn on the tube or hulu we find men portrayed as fools who are barely able to tie their shoes let alone take care of others.

The Problem: There are so many men who disappoint the rest of us men when they actually subscribe to the media’s portrayal. While at the doctor’s office this morning I overheard a conversation between the female receptionists and it went a little something like this:

“So I called their father, who by the way didn’t have them all last week, and he of course had another lame excuse that he was sick and couldn’t be with the kids”

The other receptionist then added… “Hasn’t it been like a year since he paid child support?”

“Yup!  The judge is back into this and I never know what to expect”

Sounds like a cliche but actually true conversation. This makes me made for all males. Now of course I am not going to assume all information as accurate BUT any man that cannot step up to the plate and care for his children are losers in my book!!!

As I checked out of the office I made sure to glance at the woman’s desk and sure enough there were multiple photos of her children. Boy and Girl. I sure hope that the little boy has alternative male role models that will teach him about responsibility and children so that one day he won’t be the same repeat offender his father is.

Share your comments and stories about men that you observe/know that fit the Dumb Man Profile so that we can call their behavior what it is….detrimental to all males and especially the boy’s who are watching.



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