The Dumb Man Rules

Here we go…this is it! The Dumb Man Rules does not imply that we can as a gender skate through life acting as though we are not culpable because we “don’t know” how to do something. I have used this trick myself with impressive results. Am I proud of myself? No! Avoiding responsibility for a chore, conversation, or criminal act seems to be the driving force behind the global perception that men are idiots. When are the Normal Males in our world going to stand up and say enough is enough? We all can communicate a heck of a lot better by asking questions if we are not sure, proposing an educated guess, or even think critically about what we are being asked.

Sometimes we utilize the Dumb Man Rules to avoid our girlfriends and wives from ever relying on us past trash collection. Sometimes we play dumb when we are scared of the answer because we might find that we do not have the answer or that we have done something wrong. And, sometimes we play dumb out of our own stupidity and when that occurs we are putting others lives at stake.

Take for example the story out of India that says men in India are using condoms that do not fit. Know one noticed? No one put two and two together that the birth rate is sky-high compared to regions not encompassing China and its’ neighbors? So now they are talking about educating men in India on the impact of a condom not fitting. Now we are not immune to such ridicule, but the sentiment is the same…we, as men, have played dumb for sooo long that the global community expects very little. You don’t believe me? Check out any commercial, sitcom, or cartoon and you will see a gender in dire need of a makeover.

India has an issue with size

Condom sizes to vary in India


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