Holidays and Men

Let me know what is “normal.” If you have stories of men who are not the average hooligan send me an email at and I will share with others. Heavens knows we need to know about men who treat others with respect even when alcohol and music is involved. Happy New Year to all!


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One response to “Holidays and Men

  1. Julie

    Hi Dr. Rod,

    I agree that sadly, men are often portrayed in the media as “hooligans”. The behaviour of many of our high profile sportsmen, politicians etc unfortunately only adds to this reputation.

    I have to say that my husband treats me (and other women) with absolute respect at all times. He is kind, selfless, affectionate, loving and wants the best for me. Yes, he does drink alcohol (though not to excess), yes, he enjoys physically intimacy (in the context of our marriage) but neither of these make him a hooligan. He is a “normal”, wonderful male!

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