Proud Men

Proud men are everywhere. Many will be seen stomping around like proud peacocks this evening hoping and praying that a woman or dare we say women will take to their feathery ways. This need to boast, to proclaim, to stand up as “property owners” on planet earth can be devastatingly pathetic to watch. Tonight men across the land will hope that what they have to “offer” will be good enough, desired, and celebrated by the other sex. The problem? Well you could say that it is just being young and a part of the human experience to prey after women in “socially” acceptable manners, but what about the cost to a gender and species in the long run? How many mistakes will be made tonight? How many children will be born from tonight’s tom-foolery? How much money will be posted to the tax payer’s bill from individuals who rely, chronically, on others for day-to-day management of their lives and the money required to subsidize those lives?

Those are the big picture questions when foolishness and anarchy are allowed if for but an 8 – 10 hour window. What about the costs to the younger generations that are peering up at all of us and wondering what on earth are we doing? Too often adults feel the need to “act out” because “I deserve to let off some steam…life has been stressful lately.” What happens, to a large degree, is that when we act out we risk the lives of those we most care about. Being an adult and understanding responsible behavior takes more than the threat of incarceration or death, but rather a change in the lenses with which we see life to truly understand the implications of our actions. Actions that impact those around us far more than ourselves.

I am troubled by the number of men who struggle to make sensible decisions and ones that all men and boys would be proud of. Just because our “heroes” make grave mistakes (see Tiger Woods as he cancels his cell phone plan with AT&T) does not give the rest of us free passage to “Sultry Island.” Young people may celebrate the athletic accomplishments of freakishly talented athletes, but role models are built on the consistent love and support and healthy boundary setting only a loved one can provide. Make good decisions men. Be Proud for the right reasons. And be a role model to the young &^*% two bar stools away….his children implore you!

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  1. Great site Very Informative. Thank you.

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