Abuse of Power-Boys trying to Act Like Men

When boys are fed with the bogus belief that they ARE men, respect often is dumped by the wayside. Former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach finally provided an extended interview (see below) to ESPN on his recent firing for alleged mistreatment of a student-athlete. College athletics and those that participate as student-athletes, coaches, and parents often provide society with a snapshot(s) of how we are doing in the rearing of our young people. It is easy to say that the alleged abuse of an athlete who was recovering from a concussion was the result of testosterone gone-wild, but even our species counterpart has recently demonstrated aggression not endorsed by a Bernstein Bear book from my youth. Elizabeth Lambert http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4748277 showed the world what happens when competition borders with the DSM-IV. And, sadly she probably learned much of her behavior from watching the gender that is celebrated for athletic prowess.

Gender aside and without sensible causation–abuse of power/situation leaves all battered and bruised long after the “kick-off” event has taken place. The Mike Leach case is a classic tale of He Said She Said with the added spice of parental arrogance and entitlement mixed in. Adam James father and former NFL player Craig James reportedly nudged his way into practices, weekly phone calls with the coaching staff, and university officials to improve the playing time of his reportedly lazy student-athlete and son.

The arrogance of one does not minimize that of another and whether or not Mike Leach “forced” his player into a dark closet or not, the soup was coming to a boil long before Adam James stepped onto the Texas Tech campus.

Role models are first and foremost those that raise us, and if our caretakers demonstrate life as a set of alternative rules and approaches than what you get is a frustrated coaching staff dealing with a premaddona athlete trying to exercise status and control established on the shoulders of a “has-been” NFL player with average ability.

Shame on all parties for re-upping the notion that men are like cats marking their territory on and off of the field of play for numero uno—themselves. Others are watching your behavior before, between, and after plays…we can all watch Sportscenter for the sensational…watch yourselves…
Click here for Mike Leach interview…

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Former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach reacts to his firing

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