Men are Better than Women?

Men are better than women? So says Dick Masterson who has listed the top 10 reasons men are better than women. If you can stomach it the link is below and if not let me tell you about what I am reading from this self-proclaimed male tycoon.

His whole stick is that women are less-than in relation to all males because men have built and managed the world around us since the dawn of creation. His top 10 consist of the some of the following:

Men wear watches

Boys destroy things

Marriage is stupid

If women are so far below men then I would like to know why it is that our social fabric has only been eroding away since children began seeing less and less of their mothers who are working today? Women are far better communicators, have proven to significantly enhance corporate America with their presence in the board room, and multitask like no other to maintain a job, home, and family. Men could learn a few tricks of the trade to say the least.

Masterson should be called out by men who see his stick as an act to garner publicity not to further the gender. The boys in our country are suffering enough than to have someone of the same gender proliferate the media with unfounded and detrimental material.

I thought long and hard about even commenting on this individual, but in the end decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution not the problem. Step 1 is identifying these individuals and letting them know that their products are not contributions to gender relations, rather trackbacks to days when men feared equality and male legacies. Stay tuned as I compile my Top 10 Reasons Women are the Best Role Models for Men.
Dr. Rod

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Dick Masterson is not the Normal Male

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