France to introduce new law banning psychological violence marriages

Peter Allen’s article shed’s light on France’s support of healthy communication between adults in relationships. What do you think? Well this screams, pardon my choice of words, like the finale to Seinfeld. Though many a joke can and will be made by this effort I actually applaud the sentiment it communicates. At worst it will force French families to discuss issue over a meal which can not be a bad thing. We would have a number of people locked up in this country if we tried the same thing. Do men need to be better at communicating frustrations? Yes! Should government get involved? Well someone needs to…who else would?

Of course the missing ingredient to this whole debate is how men and women take in audible information and the difference associated with each gender. Decibel levels of acuity actually make a difference…maybe the French should look at the research 😉

Will any of this make a difference? Time will tell, but at minimum it might provide Jake Pavelka a bit of advice as he journeys through this seasons Bachelor. Remember Jake…being humble and communicating with women effectively can sometimes feel like you are naked in front of a crowd…not that ABC hasn’t tried that with you already…

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2 responses to “France to introduce new law banning psychological violence marriages

  1. I following is a list of comments to this story from my post in another forum. Reader is passionate and brave and I applaud her for sharing the following…..

    I like the idea, but then I came from an abusive marriage.

    Here in the States the cops don’t get involved until someone ends up in the hospital, and then only if the “broken” spouce is willing to file a report.

    DR. ROD:
    Sadly your experience is like so many. We are a nation of reactors…when we should be proactive to protect our citizens. You might be interested in my Top 10 list of why women are great role models for men…I wish more men could communicate their frustrations without using emotional and/or physical abuse.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Just curious…what do you think makes a man Normal? I am working on a project to define this and your input is greatly appreciated. Feel free to list any and all thoughts that come to mind when thinking about male stereotypes and what we as a society deem normal or expected behavior.
    Dr. Rod
    Posted by rodberger on 2010-01-06 16:40:34

    Normal? Do you mean what is normal male behavior? As in what they currently do or are you asking how SHOULD men behave?

    I have two boys so I can tell you that by “nature” boys are more agressive than girls and more willing to make competive displays. Girls are just as competive, they just do it behind the scenes.

    Because boys are taught from a very early age that women and girls have now value they learn to treat them poorly. One of my favorite quotes is:

    “Because of the value of work a woman can do they increase the profitability of their husbands and so women are an economic force in society. Horses provide the same benifit. Horses are not free to be indepentand beings and neither are women.”

    Women are not considered “people” but mearly still a possion that men obtain to make their lives easier.

    I think the best thing that we could do for society is not allow people under 25 to marry or cohabit. Women must learn that they can make it on their own and men must learn to care for themselves and not expect a woman to do every thing for them.

    DR. ROD
    Very insightful! I appreciate your time answering. I am open when it comes to answering the question of Normal. My problem with the way men are portrayed lies in the abundance of hooligans proliferating our airwaves. Your two boys run the risk of seeing “Normal” as what they see on tv without the benefit of real Normal men. It is my belief that there are Normal and good men out there, but their “marketshare” is weak. I wish I could refute your quote, but unfortunately I have to agree with you that men still to this day take women for granted. That is why I wanted to refute Dick Masterson (Men are better than Women) because he perpetuates the negative stereotypes about men and women. Hopefully you share your sentiment with others because men and boys need to hear it!! It is too late in the game to just shrug off behavior to boys being boys etc.
    Dr. Rod
    Posted by rodberger on 2010-01-06 18:16:14

    We don’t have TV so the only men they have associations with are the real, live variety. That is enough to do the damage.

    The karate teacher beats his wife, the pastor cheats on his. We are hard pressed to find good examples in society.

    I since I don’t know exactally what you are looking for I will tell you what my ideal man would be like.

    He would respect me for who I am and allow me the freedom to live my own life, follow my own dreams, choose my own career, and persue my own hobbies and interest.

    He would know better than to attempt to “solve” all of my problems.

    He would take an equal share in the home maintance as well as working “reasonable” hours to being in a share of the income. (I’m not interested in a workaholic.)

    We would agree on enough things to make life plesant and compatable, but disagree on enough things to make life interesting.

    Just as I wish to have my own hobbies, I think he should have his. They do not need to be the same, though we should share some common interest.

    He would be both nutering and protective, but not overly so.

    We should be equals and respected as such; loved because of our differances, not inspite of them.

    End of transcript…
    I want to thank this reader for forwarding the conversation and maintaining hope for good men.
    Dr. Rod

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