To Be or Not to Be a Feminist

Every now and then I make a point of reading those bloggers who are poor representatives of the kind of Normal Males I am speaking of. Through my discovery process I have come across an individual who is none to happy with my approach to masculinity.

Let’s just say that I am being called a feminist and/or a follower. I have inserted our back and forth comments below to demonstrate my point. For the purposes of this post, I want to tackle a very important issue and that is whether or not it is appropriate and productive to take radical stances for the causes near and dear to each of us.

We are quickly finding out that decision making that is based on radical ideology in a snap-like fashion can cause irreparable harm for generations. On the other hand, we also see where apathy has gotten us in the global race to the top in education and business. The once powerful country I call home is struggling mightily to stay above water in comparison to other countries and we are now scrambling to “right” the ship.

The comments and posts from my “friend” at The Counter Feminist are protected by our Constitution of which I support and utilize daily with this blog and can be respected on that premise alone. I am of the mindset, though, that to evolve not only our country, but the male gender we need to examine the very foundations of our behavior and re-establish relevance in today’s environment.

Is it relevant for men, in general, to own approximately 90% of the land on earth? Absolutely not, but this stat has been floating through our media and one that worries me greatly.

Was it appropriate or relevant to keep segments of our population from voting or sitting where they wanted to on a city bus? No. These parameters were put in place by men many years ago and for some reason there are men who think because we have repealed such statues/social laws etc. that restitution should cease. All based out of fear that the perch some have enjoyed for so long is on shaky ground.

The men of today are not required to “Do” anything, but what great man ever accomplished anything with such an approach to their time here on earth? None that I can recall and none without a strong, supportive woman beside him. Status-quo is one thing and many of us, myself included, can be lured by said seductions out of exhaustion and pure laziness.

The Counter Feminist and those who follow him are doing the greatest disservice of all to a gender in desperate need for a spokesman…they are demonstrating to women, children, and Normal Males that until we can reduce the rhetoric we will not be able to prove that there is hope with the male gender moving forward.

In a back-and-forth with a woman who read my posts yesterday, she shared her negative experiences with men throughout her life and though she reported knowing good men, they were outnumbered 10-1 by the kind of fear sponsoring paid for by The Counter Feminist and his blog.

I know there is a time for talk and one for action and the skill is in not choosing one, but rather balancing each and disseminating each in a thoughtful manner. Men lose face at the negotiating table when we have to continually refute the bad men who refuse to be Normal. Do our boys a favor and throw out apathy this year and stand up for what you want men to stand for. I will and I will do so in an intentional and thoughtful manner to the best of my abilities.

Where to start? hmmm Well I think that you and I would have an interesting time over coffee. My blog focuses on male issues because I am tired of what has become the new Normal in regards to boys, men, and expected negative behavior. I call out men that are behaving badly as a representative of the Normal men who are rarely displayed in the media. Your approach only supports the notion that men have such fragile egos that we have to lash out to protect against shame. Would you be proud if young boys shared your negative slant? I wouldn’t. It is time for our gender to evolve. I welcome educated debate from you and your readers.
Dr. Rod

Oblique imputation of motive and/or subjective state.

That is a feminist trick.

Nice try, but it won’t work.

If you want to tell me something, tell me straight. We MRAs tend to be jaded, but we also tend to appreciate directness.

Barring further evidence, I will assume you are a feminist or fellow traveller.”

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