Woman Murders Grandson for Protection?


71-year old grandmother reportedly murders 5-year old grandson to protect him. She says in the report that she couldn’t think of her grandson living with the perils of a broken-home. This story evokes many emotions and thoughts missing streams of a sensible nature.

What a sad commentary on “population” control under the veil of “protection.” I am not sure what the grandmother was saving him from? Was it the landscape we currently inhabit…where the majority are from “broken-homes?” Or, was it that she was saving him from being another disenfranchised male who would repeat his parent’s mis-steps? This country needs to redefine what Normal Males and Normal households look like because the victim’s predicament (broken-home) was, in fact, more normal than the utopia his grandmother wanted for him.

I would like to say there is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy, but I am void of one that would sound either poetic or judicial. What I can say is that hopefully it is a wake up call for both genders and generations that the nuclear family we knew when Andy Griffith was patrolling Mayberry are almost extinct.

A new landscape has been laid by those nearest and dearest to us as a response to the world they inhabited when young. As a society we can choose to evaluate and proceed accordingly to normalize this new land or we can continue to swim up stream. Either way we need to be “straight” with our youth about the expectations they should have for family and relationships as they grow up.

The American family dynamic is shifting and keeping our heads in the sand won’t get the job done. Education and support for both nuclear and extended family members would go a long way to release guilt from all parties. Only then will we be able to evaluate what “went” wrong and what did not. This poor little boy was a victim of generational control for what was and what is not anymore. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.
Dr. Rod

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