Response to “Hardihood” article

Sometimes I like to share with all of you what I read daily and this post from the Art of Manliness blog got me thinking….here were my direct comments to the authors after reading. Let me know your thoughts…

Your post has me a bit befuddled….agreeing with some and wondering about others. I think that resiliency runs parallel with character and can serve us all well to live a life void of apathy and rich with purpose. I would like to know, from you both, how inclusive “Hardihood” is or if it is viewed as an individual mantra? I am of the belief that for Normal Males to succeed in the role model battle…we have to demonstrate our willingness to persevere through collaborative means rather than through isolation. Too many men continue to think that they have to approach the world in a singular and non-communicative fashion. That approach retards our development as a gender and perpetuates the negative stereotypes we all have to deal with in the media. I would love to hear your thoughts….thanks for making me think.

Dr. Rod

Click the picture for the article from Art of Manliness


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