Men Behaving Badly

Scott Disick is not Normal

Every now and then I know it is coming. Like Hurricane or Tax season. I have to be prepared. I have to be ready and willing to comment, and yet every time my skin crawls. Scott Disick, famous for bad fashion sense and arrogance, displayed outrageous behavior on last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians from the E! network. I am sure that executive producer Ryan Seacrest was more giddy following this performance than from any Idol wannabe this season. This display was one for the ages because it blended and decimated stereotypes with great fervor.

For those of you who saved yourselves and watched something like…say the Olympics…bravo…oops there I go with another reality network ;). But seriously…what you missed was either a good example of what not to do or a horrible example of boys-being-boys.

The Kardashian clan was in Las Vegas for Kim’s birthday party. While in Vegas, Scott and Rob (Kim’s brother) decided to get hammered…and when I say hammered I mean near death drunk. The night progressed, brief episodes of fighting and loving came and went as we all awaited the crescendo—the birthday dinner that had Kris Jenner’s business partners (Scott works for them) and the family all assembled at a posh or should I say d-a-s-h–ing venue. Scott was forbidden to come and yet the sloppy drunk showed up, was belligerent to all in his wake and ended up shoving a $100 bill into the mouth of a waiter who was instructed not to serve him anymore alcohol.

It was an awful display of men behaving badly and one that should not go unnoticed. Of course I am now curious if Kourtney Kardashian follows through with her, “I am done with him” mantra, though I doubt it now that photos have proliferated the web with the happy couple holding their new baby (Mason).

Just another example of how bad men are…right? Or could this just be an anomaly? Is Scott Disick an appropriate representation of the current and modern American man? I should say not…but so many think that his behavior is typical. I am hear…shouting from the mountains as if in the Sound of Music…to tell you that though this behavior is typical for our media outlets this is not an accurate representation of men. It is a poor generalization of a gender in desperate need of a bold and fresh new marketing firm.

Behaving Badly does NOT have to = all males

We need to separate the words bad and expected behavior from our vernacular when describing our gender. We need to celebrate those males, both boys and men, that are upstanding and honest, humble when appropriate, and strong when needed. We don’t need to have females looking for the best of the worst. If we continue down this road we will only insure ourselves of more heartache and pain.

It is very easy to see the negative outcomes associated with marriage, friendships, and employment when males behavior is less then respectable…what is more difficult is to evaluate the pervasive or long term impact on the male psyche.

Very little good comes from witnessing bad behavior over and over and over again. At some point it becomes natural to lose your footing on life and your place in it. You begin to doubt yourself, your abilities, and your overall value to your partner, your children, your work, and your friends. Nobody wants to be associated with a group that hits and hurts more, that abuses substances more, that has more road rage, poorer health, and even worse hygiene.

Each and every time I hear of a Scott Disick or a Governor Sanford………..I cringe. I cringe for both individuals and couples. I cringe for school boys and girls who assume positions of expected behavior because their teachers have had a lifetime of dealing with this obnoxious behavior and I cringe for the mothers who have to pick up their boys from school for mimicking like behavior from their fathers.

Who's Teaching Who?

Is it Normal for males, of all ages, to explore the world around them with great abandon? Absolutely! This is not a diatribe demeaning natural and Normal Male behavior. What it is about is accountability. Accountability for our actions, intentions, communications, and solicitations. Playing dumb will get boys and men nowhere…our society and species are advancing–it becomes a matter of choice. Do I choose to evolve into the future of our world or is nostalgia for the good ole days the best approach for me? Do I want to continue acting like my father and his generation or do I want to embrace new elements of myself and personality?

It is your choice…all I can do is band together with other men that have had enough of the Scott Disick’s of the world who snub the positive evolution of our gender…which reminds me–Couldn’t Natural Selection happen just a bit faster?

All the best to you…and remember to be a good example for other males and an even better example to yourself…your family will appreciate it and trust me…so will your marriage.

Dr. Rod
Rod Berger, PsyD The Normal Male

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