Ben Roethlisberger: Just Another Famous Athlete or Abuser?

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Patience is a virtue or so I have been told. This however has finally bubbled over for me and in the name of Normalcy I must forge ahead. Here at Normal Headquarters a decision has been made to finally discuss the out-of-sorts mole that continues to grow just beyond our reach. It is hideous from what we can tell…out of place…and needs to be addressed. We are not sure whether the mole is of any great consequence, but enough is enough!!

Ben Roethlisberger, of the famed Pittsburgh Steelers, has been accused of sexual misconduct for the second time in the last 12 months. The first woman accused Roethlisberger of raping her at a casino near Lake Tahoe. The most recent accusation states that Big Ben, as he is known to millions of fans, sexually assaulted a college-aged female in a local bar. To be fair it should be noted that Roethlisberger has not been charged or convicted of either accusation.

It is, however, fair at this point to question the motives of all involved parties. Why is a filthy rich athlete hanging out with college girls and at college bars? He just recently signed a contract in excess of $100 million dollars. Has Roethlisberger not heard of Michael Vick or Gilbert Arenas? Vick has already lost millions and Arenas is poised to do the same because of his love of comedy and guns. There is a significant issue here with Roethlisberger that stinks of disrespect for women, his family, and his employer.

Can't You ACT Like a Champion?

Can't You ACT like a Champion?

Which brings me to another curve in the road…the media and their handling of this story. I will be the first to call a timeout when I think erroneous claims are disseminated by the media…with that said, though, I have to wonder if Big Ben is receiving preferential treatment.

I know some of you have thought about it. I didn’t want to in the beginning, but I am finding I can’t shake my wonderment. Is Ben Roethlisberger given the benefit of the doubt because he is White?

Dear NFL...Don't Be STUPID!

I cannot imagine an African-American athlete dealing with a second sexual assault charge in less then a year being treated with such kid gloves. Maybe we have matured and it really isn’t about race. As a White male I hope that we have evolved and that we treat Roethlisberger the same as we would anyone else accused of similar acts. I would like to think that I live outside the city limits of Delusion-ville, but the lack of national conversation tells me that we haven’t changed for the better.

It will be might interesting to see how the NFL responds to the latest detour Ben has taken us all on. I am not one to support making an example out of someone for the sake future dividends, but I am leaning that way right now. Maybe that is because Roethlisberger has failed to grant an interview to the police or maybe I am just burned out from repeated stories of fame and the misuse of power.

Aside from an outsiders perspective…the NFL and the Steelers need to evaluate what is important to them…the almighty dollar and championships or their image and fan base. I would imagine the spinsters at the league offices are working overtime to figure out their next steps. Yes men represent the majority fan base, but there are millions of female fans that are truly rabid for their teams as well. Sending a message of deference to sexual misconduct won’t enhance gate numbers on Sundays.

Men, not just athletes, should be role models. For those of you not incensed by Roethlisberger’s lapse in judgment–raise your standards and support responsible behavior.

Dr. Rod
Rod Berger, PsyD The Normal Male

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2 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger: Just Another Famous Athlete or Abuser?

  1. Big Ben is probably just guilty of very poor judgment regarding the first allegation, and is guilty of being an idiot for even placing himself in a position to be accused the second time. After Kobe’s “incident”, he makes SURE that he is NEVER alone with a women other than his wife…male and female bodyguards accompany his highness wherever he goes in public.

    Kudos for you as a white guy to even bring up the race issue. Just compare the press that Big Ben received as opposed to what Kobe received…Kobe was crucified, Ben was not. I’m not a professional athlete, but I’m a African American professional. I laugh at the staggering amounts of former supervisors/bosses who thought I was going overboard with the self imposed rules I placed upon myself in professional and settings as a black guy. White guys only have to worry about fallout that occurs if they are convicted of something…most black men recognize the sociological fact that if they are even ACCUSED of a felony or sexual crime, THEIR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIVES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. I don’t complain about it, but I do adjust appropriately to that reality. I will never be in a room alone with a female (especially a white female) personally, or professionally, unless my wife is present. Period. I don’t go to social functions without my wife. Period. Since my daughters turned 10, whenever they had friends over for a sleepover at my house, I check into the nearest Motel 8 and let my wife supervise the situation. No exceptions. I often asked for a new case whenever I was assigned to treat children in home based setting where there was a young, single mother present. No exceptions. My white supervisors thought I was paranoid, and sometimes this came out in written performance reviews. I did not care. My personal safety and reputation always came first. Perhaps a little Kobe/Dr. Thompson like paranoia serve Big Ben well.

    • Hi Dr. Thompson!
      Thanks for your take on this issue. I applaud your responsible approaches. Many think our approaches are “too much”…I think they are normal and responsible. Thanks!
      Dr. Rod

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